Testimony Of Rajasekhar

My name is Rajasekhar Masih. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. Though I was from a Christian family our family had nothing to do with Christ. All our family male members were addicted to drinks and drugs. All the time we were involved in fighting and gambling and this lead to so many police cases.We had a wicked life. I knew nothing about Christ.

One day I had misundersting with my father, so he chased me out of home. I was frightened and got worried about my future. Immediately I listened to a voice that urged me to pray. I prayed for the first time.The lord listened to my cry and I got peace and joy in my soul. Then I moved to Jodhpur and started going to church. There I got married and blessed with a son, in the year 1998. I accepted lord Jesus as my saviour and baptized in water and holy spirit. Then Lord called me to preach the gospel among the non Christians. I got burden for souls since then I joined with A.G fellowship and doing ministry in Jodhpur and studying ICI Christian programme. We are preaching the gospel in jodhpur and surrounding villages.

I thank the lord our holy father and glory be to Him. AMEN.
Rajasekhar Masih