Testimony Of Mohan

My name is Mohan lal and my native is udaipur district of Rajasthan. I was born and brought up in a hindu family. Right from childhood I was adamant. When I became a teenager I joined with wicked people and got addicted to alcohol. When one of my team was killed in clashes, police arrested all of my friends and put them in prison. Somehow I could escape from the net of police .

The next day one servant of God came to my home and advised me to get rid of all illegal business. He prayed for my sister-in-law who was in the jaws of death. Immediately our good Lord healed her .When I saw the miracle I was moved and accepted Jesus as my saviour. I was baptized in water and holy spirit .After my 10 th standard the Lord called me for my fulltime ministry. Therefore I joined in G.F.A Bible school and completed D.Th and pioneering church at Basni in Jodhpur .

Our Lord has blessed me with wife, together we are serving the lord faithfully.

Praise the lord.
Mohan Lal