Sheela, George Rubison and Joseph

I was a drug addict from my school days and I had many friends of that kind. I used to have many kinds of drugs and alcoholic drinks every day and never liked to stay at home. I was an atheist, never believed in God and I thought that Bible and all other religious books are like history books or novels and people wrote it for the sake of their benefits. I had a good opinion about Buddhism. I was working in Gujarat, India and spending all my salaries for drugs. My mom and dad havenít had any hope on me. However, my Mom was praying day and night for me. She did not have sleep at many nights, because she was not sure that how long I would be alive.

In 1996, I met an AG pastor, Rev. Marcus T. Devasahayam, who has been preaching the Gospel in tribal areas of nearby states of Gujarat. I never like to go to the Church. He had a computer and I was helping him to solve the computer problems. One day, he was preaching from Daniel 1:8 (But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank; therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.) at his home, I just paid attention to that message. The Word touched my heart and I decided to get rid of all the drugs. Yet, I bought some alcoholic drinks, But I never had them after that, because God has chosen me. I never told anyone that I stopped drugs, because nobody would believe that I did, even my parents. I felt that the darkness in my life has left after the real Light Jesus Christ started glowing in my life. I started praying and reading Bible. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and baptized in HIS name in March 1997. Now, Godís hands are upon me and I started receiving blessings from HIM in my life.

Now my parents are very happy. God saw my Momís tears, heard her prayer and performed miracles in my life. Prayer has the real power. Above all, God has chosen me and it is really HIS grace and mercy that I have been saved.

God has blessed me with beautiful Godly wife Sheela and two beautiful kids Adlin and George Rubison. Also, God keeps blessing me with everything for which I am not qualified.

I told Pastor Marcus Devasahayam that his message on Dan.1:8 touched my heart and changed my life. He was very happy and started sending me the messages and spiritual advises through emails. They are really very useful in my life. I used to forward those messages to my friends too. The Word is so powerful and it has the power to free many souls from the bondage of satan.

God gave me a vision to publish The Word on the Internet, so that it would be useful for many people. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to develop a web site for Pastor Marcus ministry (Baroda Bible Club).

Please send your email id to Pastor Marcus, He will be very happy to send God's Word to you also. You will receive blessings from above.

With Love,