Letter To A Hindu Friend

Dear brother Ravi,

Loving greetings to you and a happy new year. I trust you would have had a good celebration. I received your mail and all your materials and religion. As I told earlier, you can ask all your doubts and enquires without any fear. I am always enjoying writing to you. I am very happy to know that you have a bible and read now and then. If you need any explanation in that also, please do not feel shy to ask.

Ravi: - Since I can read Sanskrit I am reading much about our Vedas, I am much interested in learning “Parathamani Dharmani” means “ [E-mail taken from internet titled “the perfect sacrifice according to the Veda] sacrifice are the foremost of or first duties. In the “Bhagawad Gita “Nayamlokostyayagnasyh kutonayah kurusattama” which means “ oh noble Guru, there is no place in this world for him who does not perform even a single one of these Sacrifices, how them shall be obtain heaven. So we learn to things.

  1. It is ordained by God.
  2. It is the only means to obtain heaven.

I have fount our from “Rig Veda” some important facts for the perfect sacrifice and its ceremony. Very carefully go through this great news. The “SAMA VEDA’ describes the sacrifice which can be offered.

“Tandya Maha Brahmanam” that this is the sacrifice that saves the shadow of the true sacrifice.

  “ Yagnota owati tasya chhaya kriyate’

If the sacrifice what we offer is just a shadow or type of the true perfect sacrifice. Then where can we get this sacrifice? Why we need thin? Mankinds need sacrifice since they have sinned. So God ordained sacrifice.

What is the perfect sacrifice?

“Satpatha Brahmanam”

“Prajapatir yagnah” which means God himself is the sacrifice.

In “Tandya Maha Brahmanam” of the Sama Veda we read,

Sru: ‘Prajapatir, devebhyam at manam yagnam Krutir prayachhit’

Which means “God would offer himself as a sacrifice and obtain atonement for sins.’

In the “Satpatha Brahmanam’ it says God has to be half mortal and half immortal.

”Tasya Prajapatirardhameva matya masidar dhamanrutum’

That means, the united himself the human and the divine. The sovereign lord of this world incarnate as a man in this world and give himself to be the sacrificial animal to redeem mankind from sin. He himself is the sacrifice.

However—in the “Sastras there is no record of a God…incarnate man, who died a perfect sacrificial death, to save sinners.

But my dead friend what was told by holy men of ancient time between 5,500 B.C to 400 B.C. in RIG VEDA. About 2,000 years ago in Israel which is a center of the world as RigVeda told was born of 1.a holy virgins’ womb, the perfect sacrifice, the incarnate God. In whom all the other details of the foretold prophesies also fulfilled. What Rig Veda says.

  1. It must be a goat without blemish.

Jesus was born of a virgin (pure, not from the earth wit hot sin) he was right as per the law and blameless.]

  1. The “blusu’ bush must be placed around it head,

-         A crown of thorns was placed on Jesus head when he ws crucified.

  1. It must be bound to a sacrificial post.

-         Jesus was bound to a sacrificial post called the cross.

  1. Naila must be driven into its four legs till they bleed.

-         Jesus was nailed both hands and both fests to the cross and Jesus bled.

  1. The cloth covering the goat should be divided among four priests.

-         Those who nailed Jesus to the cross divided his garments among themselves.

  1. None of his bones should be broken.

-         Not one of Jesus bones was broken.

  1. The goat should be given a drink of Soma juice.

-         Jesus was given vinegar to drink when he was on the cross.

  1. After it was slain, it must be restored to life again.

-         After Jesus had been slain, he rose from the dead, as a sign that he defeated death.

  1. Its flesh should be eaten.

-         Jesus told his disciples before his death that they should eat his flash and drink his blood –that is in remembrance of him eat the bread and drink the wine. This is a symbolical one.

Thus all the facts for told by the holy men in the history before the birth of Jesus fulfilled in his life. So he is our perfect sacrifice

As you have asked me to do, to compare both the Hinduism and Christianity. I am doing and it shows great wide divergence of belief between the two faiths.

  1. When all the Hindus believe in a supreme God, he is a impersonal Brahman, a philosophical absolute

-         But in Christianity, he is a loving and keenly interested in the affairs of mankind, a infinite personal God.

-         Ps. 50:15 says “’call upon me in the day of trouble I shall rescue you.

  1. To the Hindus man as a manifestation of the impersonal Brahman, without individual self or self worth.

-         But in Christianity man was made in the very image of God with a personality and the ability to love.

-         Still God is interested in the mankind that is why when we were sinners he sends his only begotten son Jesus to save us. Jn. 3:17 says Jesus came to save us not to condem the sinners. He loves the sinner but only hates the sin.

-         In Rom 5:6-8 says, since Jesus loved us very much he died for us when we were living in our sin.

-         In 2 cor. 5:19-21 ‘on our behalf Jesus was forced to bear all our sins.

  1. In Hinduism there is no sin against god. Man if he is doing any sin, it is the result of ignorance.

-         But in Christianity sin is a real act of rebellion against the holy god. (Psalm 51:4 against you I sinned.

  1. In Hinduism can be attained by any one of the three ways (according to Dr. E.E.James it in Four)* he adds yoga-marga also.

a)      Jnana-marga-the way of salvation through knowledge. Knowledge liberates.

b)      Karma- marga-karma as a way of salvation (by good works).

c)      Bhatti Marga—By worship and love, (by religious devotion) salvation. [Dr. Emmanuel E. James, “Salvation: some Asia perspectives.” T.B. T. 1992. Page 119 to 144 (Salvation Hindu concept)] Bhakti towards God.

d)      Yoga Marga – is the path of concentration involving spiritual or psychical activity for the attainment of spiritual wisdom and final liberation. Yoga is a way to union with god.

But in Christian faith salvation is not by our own good works. E ph. 2:8,9 “’By grace (unmerited favor) your have been saved through faith and not by yourself. It is the gift of God, and not as a result of our works, that no one should boast.

-         In Titus 3:5 according to his mercy he saves us by his mercy and washing…

-         In Jn 3:36 through Jesus eternal life.

  1. In Hinduism the material world as transitory and of secondary importance to the relegation of Brahman.

-         But Christianity sees the world as having objective reality and its source in the creative will of God.

  1. The worship of the sacred cow

“They call the cow immortal life, pay homage to the cow as Death. She hath become this universe, fathers, and Rishis hath become the Gods, and men, and spirits.”

“The cow is heaven, the cow is earth, and the cow is Vishnu, the lord of life. From Theravada x: 10But in Christianity only the creator can be worshipped nothing else. We should not worship the creation.

  1. In Hinduism the incarnation has a different meaning God takes different avadare in the human history. To “Thusta Nikraha- meaning destroying the wicked in the world.

-         But in Christianity God came to this earth only to save the sinners that they may not die in their sin. A merciful God who is willing to forgive and correct the wicked person is seen in the Bible.

For example.9, Lk 19:1-9 says about Zacchacous the tax collector. All rejected him but Jesus loved him. 

B, In Jn 4:7-42. Jesus talking with a Samarit a woman.

C, In Jn 8:3-11 the adulterous woman was no condemned by Jesus.

  1. In Hinduism caste system is a unique feature of the religion. It says Brahma created Manu the first person. From him came four different types of people.

A, from Manu’ s hands came the Kshatriyas, the rules and warriors. Out of Manu’s things came the vaisyas the craft men the remaining all came from Manus’ feet, called sudras.

But in Bible it says God created every thing. And he was that is was good. Everything is being governed by internal laws and has regulations.

10) In Hinduism the word moksha which is also known as mukti is used for liberation of the soul from the wheel of karma. Especially for a Hindu the chief aim of his existence is to be freed   from sansara.

-         But to born and then to die and afterwards to give account to God on the Day of Judgment and new life with God. In the new heaven & earth. The cycle of birth is not there.

  1. In Hinduism the term Vedas (plural) refers to the entire collection of these wisdom books as the samhita that includes the rig Veda, the yajurveda, and the athara Veda. This has three parts (1) The mantras of praises to the god. (2) The brahmanas, a guide for practicing ritual rights, (3) the Upanishads, the important part of which deals with teachings on religion truth or doctrine.

-         In Christianity we have one Bible with two parts old testament & New Testament. It is a unique book in the world, the best all time seller. This is the only book which has all the tree tenses like past tenses, present tense and the future you can apply to all these. It has prophesies for the future. Especially it has a last book even foretelling what is going to happen in the last days. * [Jetter Walker. Our Bible ICI University, 1985.

Ps. 119:165 It will be a light to our path.

Os. 1:1-3 says by reading and meditating this we will get God’s blessing.

2 Tim 3:16 says, it was written with the help and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. (Around 40 people over a period of 1,600 years they wrote this Bible but the central theme was the same because it was mainly given by the holy spirit of God through the history.

2 Pet 1:21 the God’s servants by inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible. That is why we say the holy bible. Even today it speaks to the people who reads, it gives direction to us.

Finally as you have asked me, Ravi I write one of the songs, which touched my heart, my life, my faith and made me a new person, it is a valuable good news to our life.

What a friend we have in Jesus

All our sins and grief to bear

What a privilege to carry

Every thing to God in prayer

O what peace we often forfeit

O what needless pain we bear

All because we do not carry

Every thing to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations

Is there trouble anywhere?

We should never be discouraged

Take it to the lord in prayer.

Can we find a friend so faithful

Who will all our sorrows share

Jesus knows our every weak news

Take it to the Lord in Prayer.

Are we weak and heavy-laden

Cumbered with a load of care

Jesus only is our refuge.

Take it to the lord in preyer.

Do thy friends despise forsake thee

Take it to the lord in prayer.

In his arms he’ll take and shield thee

Thou will find Sclace there.

--Joseph Scriven

According to Joseph Scriven Jesus is not a mere historical person & God. He is a true friend, he says call unto me, come unto me at the times of your problem. In Phil 4:6,7 he says do not worry about any thing, put all your problems to God he will take care of it. Then the peace of? God will rest in your heart. He cares for you, He loves you. He died for our sins. What ever the pain, sorrow you have in your heart, you can take it before God. He will never condem any body. He told I would not reject any one who comes to me. He is not for any religious group. He is for all. In this pluralistic society only Jesus is the only neutral person, God who can receive any one. Top pray, you need not to know any manthras as the Hindu priests. Prayer is a mere, plain talk, what a son has to have with his father. God is love, with love you can talk to him any thing. That is what we mean a prayer. A free talk with our great true friend Jesus will change our heart and mind. Jesus has the right to forgive our sins. Since he died for our sins in the cross and rose on the third day from the death