Letter To A Sikh Friend

Dear brother Nagepaul Singh,

Loving greeting in the most precious lord and savior Jesus name. May the lord bless you and your wife and children. May the lord bless that you came with sweats to thank for our prayer offered for your promotions. It is a blessing of God upon your life. God loves you very much. 1 when you came to us for prayer we immediately prayed. Because Jesus has promised “I will never reject any one who comes to me. (1. Mr. Nagepaul who is working in the western railway, as an officer was owed previous house owner. His promotion was stopped for long, Sc he came to our home a special prayer. Soon he got promoted.). Also he scrid in Mat. 11:28” come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Now, your have seen the answer to the prayer offered in your life. We are missing you very much how is your new environment? Do you like that area? We received your mail and the Questions you have asked, about so many things in the Christian faith I will do my best to answer all.

As I told you earlier let me say little about a Sikh who was a great sadhu and carried the massages of Jesus to man places. Sander Singh was born at Rampur in Punjab to very rich religious sick parents. At the age of seven sunder Singh knew the “ Bhagavad gita by heart. As the age of sixteen (1b) he had read through the Granth, the Karan and several Upanishads. Though he new Christian because of his education in the mission school, he was against them and threw stories at the missionaries and even burned a copy of the Bible. The trained himself in yoga during his adolescence. But all his religious exercises he underwent could not bring to him peace, the santi for which he was searching. He could not have peace of mind so as he says about this his state of mind according to his writings.

“Three days after burning the Bible, finding that Hinduism gave me no comfort, I decided to commit suicide became to live in such misery was impossible. Very early in the morning (at 3. a.m) I arose and taking a cold bath I began to pray “if there be any god let him show me the way of Salvation; if not then I will commit suicide by placing myself on the railway. Up to 4.30 no answer came.

Presently there came a light in my room. In that light the beloved and glorious face of Christ appeared and showing his wounded hands, in which the hailprints clearly showed. He said, “Why do you persecute? Behold I gave my life for you. “Hearing this his words sank like lighting into my heart. I immediately became filled with joy and I was changed for all eternity.

Later Sander Singh himself gives testimony to the authenticity of his conversion.

“This was not imagination. If Buddha or Krishna has shown himself it would have been imagination, for I worshipped them but for Christ to show himself. He, whom I hated, is a miracle and clear proof that he is a living Christ. Neither was it a dream, for no one can see a dream after taking a cold bath and a dream cannot completely change life. This is a great reality.”

This conversion took place on 18th December, 19904. Sunder Singh immediately gave his allegiance to Jesus. Christ, to the dismay of his own people, who persecuted him very much. So he left home and took baptism the next year and donned the ochre robe and became a true Sadhu. Later the Urdu New Testament with him toured all over India, especially into Tibet. There were many mysterious happenings and deliverance of God from dangerous situations.

Then he visited America, Britain, Europe, Australia and Germany. At England, when he knocked at a door, the little girl who opened the door shouted “Mummy, Jesus is standing at our door.” His passion was Jesus and others saw Jesus in Him. I like to give a brief account of Christianity

(1)   God: -

The Sikh belief there is one God, who is true, creator, devoid of fear and enmity, immortal, unborn self-existent, great and bountiful who was from the beginning named- “Satnarn” means true name.

The bible says in deut 6:4: Isa.  43:10: 11: Mat 28:19: Luke 3:22.

“The one true God has  revealed himself as the eternally self existent” I am, the creator of heaven and earth and the Redeemer of mankind he has further revealed himself as embodying the Principles of relationship and association as  Father, son, and Holy Ghost.

(2)   Scripture:

The sacred scriptures of Sikhism are known as the Granth sahib or “Lord’s Book” this is composed by several dozen authors, it has 29,480 rhymed verses. It extolling the name of god and exhorting on daily living. It is written in six languages and some dialects. So it is nearly impossible to the learned, much less for the unlearned.

Bu bible was written mainly in two languages. The Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. It had been translated in to nearly 2,000 languages and them helps every one to read and understand.

(3)   Salvation: -

The salvation consists in knowing god in obtaining God, or being absorbed in to god.

Jesus Christ pointed out that throne who do not believe in him, as their savior will not receive everlasting life. “I said therefore to you believer that I am he, you shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). In acts 4:12 says, “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. Eph.2: 8,9 says by faith on God not by works.

4) Nature of god: -

Nanak by uniting certain features from Hinduism and from Islam formed a new syncretism of doctrines. The concept of God in Sikhism is abstract and impersonal, in contradistinction to the biblical concept of a personal, caring god. The bible makes it clear that Jehovah God cannot be reconciled with any other so-called god of another religion. (Isai 43:10 “Before me there was no God, and there will be none after me.”

(4)   The Teachings of Sikhism: -

Once again the teachings of Sikhism are a syncretism of the doctrines of Islam the Hindu and Islamic scriptures they wrote their own taking some aspects from the both religion.

1)      The need for the improvement of men.

2)      Social sharing and welfare works. Out of what I should share with others. Common kitchen.

3)      Sharing the knowledge (what you know you share with others)

4)      Be honest and sweat to win your bread.  Do hard work.

5)      There are four gates, each in each direction to welcome and invite people from all direction.

6)      Do not be selfish share with others.

7)      Have contentment and do not have much attachment to the world.

And others instructions for submission.

1.      Do not cut your hair as a mark.

2.      Do not have extra marital relationship.

3.      Do not have intoxicated drink

4.      Love animals.

If we observe carefully from the bible. Many are common. The bible also advantages sharing, uplifting others. Earn your living, be content, and love your neighbor as yourself. The early church and the apostles share there wealth with others. Be faithful to your marriage.   All are invited to the kingdom of god.

But the bible is telling man should not have long hair like woman. (Ezek 44:20; 1 cor. 11:14). It is a disgrace to man.

Regarding loving animal Gen. 1:25,26 says “ Let men rule over all the fish, birds the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

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